Sister Lalitha Evangeline the elder sister of Sister Sarah Navaroji is the Co-Founder of ZION GOSPEL PRAYER FELLOWSHIP CHURCH. On 12th June 1962, Sister Sarah Navaroji landed in Madras and stayed in the house of her elder Sister Lalitha Evangeline's family at Kilpauk area in a street namely Kuttiappan Gramani Street along with her mother. She started a small prayer meeting in their house which has grown to be the Z.G.P.F.Church as per the Lord's will.

Sister Lalitha Evangeline along with her husband Brother Jayakar have rendered a great support in all organizing activities such as, works with printing press for song books, wall posters and hand bills for conventions. Co-coordinating with people who invite Sister for the meetings, taking care of visitors, arranging song recording activities and distribution of recorded cassettes Church activities and so on.Brother Jayakar and Sister Lalitha Evangeline to gather as a family stood with Sister Navaroji in all the ministerial works.

As Joshua said in Joshua 24: 15, 'As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord' Sister Sarah Navaroji's elder Sister Lalitha Evangeline's family joins her in all her ministries. Further more the faithful believers of 'Zion Gospel Prayer Fellowship Church', Chennai have been a great strength to her in her work of the Master's Vineyard.