Rev.Dr.R.SAMUEL was born in the year 1952, in a well known town, Kancheepuram of Tamil Nadu, India to a devote Christian parents who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ from a staunch Hindu background. It is a great testimony to tell how his father Late Mr.Ramachandran and his mother Late Mrs. Kirubavathi have come to the marvelous light of Christ from a life of darkness. Rev.Dr. R.Samuel, a Post Graduate in Electrical Engineering has also obtained his Ph.D. (Doctorate Degree in Bible Studies) and Master Degree in Theology. Since being born and brought up in a disciplined and good Christian family, he was taught with the Bible systematically both at home and in the Church Sunday School.

After serving in the INDIAN NAVY in the Electrical Department for a prescribed period of time he worked in the MARCHANT NAVY as an Electrical Officer. He also worked in India and abroad in various industries as an Electrical Engineer. Wherever he worked, in all those places he joined in the nearby Full Gospel Churches and was actively involved in the Church ministry and Gospel work ministries. He has been preaching and teaching the Word of God from the Holy Bible and doing the same to till today.

In the year 1982 he got married to the daughter of Sister Sarah Navaroji's elder Sister Lalitha Evangeline. Since then he has been a member of Zion Gospel Prayer Fellowship Church, Chennai, founded by Sister Sarah Navaroji and was involved in the Church ministries. Presently he is in the Pastoral ministry of Zion Gospel Prayer Fellowship Church.

  • He has written a Book titled as 'LILY AMONG THORNS' a Life and Ministry biography of Sister Sarah Navaroji both in Tamil and English version.
  • He has also authored a new release Bible Study book namely 'PSALMS MEDITATION' in Tamil. The book gives chapter by chapter exposition of 150 psalms in a new dimension.