Sisters of Zion Gospel Prayer Fellowship Church have formed into different groups and gather at different times of the day almost everyday in the Church premises for prayer.

They are prayer warriors. Prayer is the back bone of every ministry. They pray both generally and specifically. The Sisters groups pray for

  • World Revival- Everyone all over the world should receive Christ
  • All denominational Churches world wide should preach and practice Full Gospel and Apostles Doctrines without adulteration.
  • The Lord to bless all kinds of ministries and give plenty of harvest in these last days.
  • The Lord should deliver the Saints / Servants of God in bondage for the sake of the testimony of the Gospel of Christ all over the world.
  • Those who are sick and suffering from debts & various kinds of problems should come to Christ and receive freedom.
  • Specific Prayer requests sent to the Church from all over the world.
  • Prayer requests of the Church members.
  • Growth of Zion Gospel Prayer Fellowship church ministry.

These are the few points that can be listed out from the Prayer points of the Women’s group. They also display world map in front of them, put their fingers on various countries and pray for the revival of those countries. Sisters also visit hospitals and pray for the sick giving them gospel tracts.

Sisters do individual ministry as well. They also form prayer cell in their work spots and win souls for Christ through this ministry. Wherever and whenever they get an opportunity they share the Gospel of Christ with others and Pray for them.